Half Cow Package

200 lbs of Premium, All Natural, 100% Grass Fed Beef!  All steaks and roasts are packaged individually. Steaks come from 8oz to 16oz depending on the cut. Roasts are 3 pound roasts, perfect size for a crock pot. Ground beef comes in 1 pound bricks.This is what you'll get:  	100 pounds ground beef	5 pounds Jerky (Gluten Free Chopped and formed)	10 pounds of Sirloin Steak	5 pounds Filet of Tenderloin	5 pounds Skirts Steak	30 pounds Chuck Roasts	5 pounds Ribeye Steaks ( bonesless )	5 pounds of New York Strip Steak	10 pounds of Short Ribs	5 pounds of Baby Back Beef Ribs	10 pounds Brisket	10 pounds of Marrow Bones